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Acrylic on Canvas,  2022, 48" x 48"


Originally inspired by the memory of my dad taking the family for rides at night when I was a child. He use to drive us all over Spokane but one place my sister Jessica like going the most was to sprague ave to go see the “jackers”. Who are the jackers? Well that’s what she called the prostitutes that would hang out along the road.

However as I started to sketch it out, I made them black, and in doing so I was reminded of the fetishization of the black women and it’s roots in colonialism, and how its still going on to this day. So what started out a memory, quickly became a study, which has become a story unto itself about the way society has historically looked at and treated black women. Look up Saartjie (Sarah) Baartman.

This painting depicts 3 black women looking off in the distance at something. Holding up curtains done in a west African inspired print. Not aware of what will likely happen next and for centuries to come.

The 3 Muses

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