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Brandon Dudley is an emerging artist whose vibrant and captivating works have been making waves in the art world. With a background deeply rooted in creative expression, Brandon has honed his craft over the past three years, devoting himself to the creation of abstract figurative art that is as captivating as it is thought-provoking.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Picasso, Brandon's artistic style is a fusion of bold colors, thick lines, and broad-brush strokes. His art is a symphony of chaos and serenity, inviting viewers to take a step back and find moments of peace and reflection amidst the vibrant canvases. Brandon delves into the intricate theme of identity through his work, exploring the profound significance of self-acceptance and the journey of navigating multiple worlds.

Brandon's artistic journey began early in life, and it is his innate creativity that fuels his passion for art. His boundless imagination and relentless experimentation with techniques and media result in a diverse body of work that defies traditional categorization. Embracing the use of acrylic on canvas, Brandon's paintings are alive with energy, commanding attention and engaging the viewer on a visceral level.

Having exhibited at renowned galleries, museums, and art fairs, including the Carrol Harris Sims National African American Art Competition, The Other Art Fair, and Superfine Art Fair, Brandon's work has been celebrated for its distinctive voice and unique perspective. His art has found resonance with a diverse audience, particularly with women of color who share his quest for self-discovery and education. Brandon also aspires to connect with the vibrant queer community, knowing that his art holds the power to speak to their experiences as well.

What sets Brandon's art apart is its unapologetic fusion of playfulness and depth. It is a celebration of life's complexities, a visual symphony that demands attention and invites contemplation. Each brushstroke tells a story, and each canvas is a gateway to a world where identities are celebrated, questions are asked, and truths are uncovered.

As Brandon continues to create and evolve as an artist, his work serves as a testament to the power of art to transform lives. Through his art, he enriches the lives of those who connect with his work, inviting them to embark on a journey of self-discovery and embrace the beauty of their own unique identities.

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Brandon Dudley

Solo Exhibitions

2023 - "Brandon Dudley: I am King," Pullman WA

Group Exhibitions

2022 - African American Museum, "Carroll Harris Simms National Black Art Competition and Exhibition," Dallas TX
2022 - Blue Galleries at Boise State, "Queer ID Exhibition," Boise ID
2022 -  Art for the People Gallery, "Spectacular," Austin TX
2022 - Nuu Muse Gallery, "Fall Group Exhibition," Dallas Texas 
2022 - Art for the People Gallery, "Magnificence," Dallas Texas 
2022 - Sedona Arts Center, "Big Gay Art Show," Sedona AZ
2021 - Art and Soul, Twin falls ID

Public Collections

"Silence" 2021, ToyTown, Twin Falls ID

Private Collections

"Pacific Northwest Mountain Range," 2021,  Sara Abdallah, Seattle WA

"Moon Dancer," 2021, Karmin Wood, Kent WA

"Dark Figure,"2021, Karmin Wood, Kent WA

"Blue Mountains" 2021, Penny Gonzales, Pullman WA

Publications and Media

"Through the Rose Colored Portal" Artstonish Magazine, December 2022

"Get to Know Brandon Dudley" Canvas Rebel Magazine, October 2022

"Life and Work with Brandon Dudley," Voyage Austin Magazine, March 2022

"Queercore: A Beauitful Subculture," Queernundrum, Episode 21, March 2021 & July 2022


Washington State University, M.A., Strategic Communications, 2020

Washington State University, B.A. Political Science, 2018 

Mr. Leons Cosmetology School, Cosmetology License, 2004

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