I am King

To me, with each new painting I share a little part of myself with the world. Every painting I create is a reflection of how I experience the world around me. Recently, I have begun focusing on paintings that are narration of own personal journey of understanding and acceptance of my identity as a queer mixed race man. Often straddling multiple worlds, I find myself apologizing for who I am. To some, my existence is an offense. This is something that I have allowed to carve cuts deep into my soul. Each painting is like a meditation - a meditation and a love letter on self acceptance.  Each painting tells a story about what it's like to straddle multiple worlds while simply trying to survive and stay true to oneself.


Select Abstract Art

What if you could paint your dreams, what would they look like? Would they look like scenes from a movie or would they be surreal? My dreams are often vibrant an d full of color and emotions. We often use colors to represent emotions; blue is calm or sometimes sad, green for nature, yellow is cheerful, reds are angry or passionate. What if you took those dreams and the emotions associated with them, and then painted them. Only this time I didn't try to create a scene, I used colors and shapes and random movements to represent these dreams. Some paintings represent dreams I've had while sleeping, others are just a day dream. Some even represent the dreams I have for myself and my future. I invite you to enjoy Dreamscapes.