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"giving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen."

Just like my dreamscapes, I paint my fears, my feelings, my emotions, my dreams. Sometimes they come out in the form of the little monsters that haunt me. Self doubt, anxiety, restlessness, mania, depression and more. All represented by the pieces from Sinister. 

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Sometimes, you just want to paint a pretty scene. Nothing more and nothing less. You see something that inspires you to create it.

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I remember back when I was a hair stylist, one of my coworkers noticed how I worked with my clients. I would often become who they wanted me to be. I didn't necessarily do this on purpose, it just happens. When you are around different people, you show off different  parts of who you are. It doesn't mean you are being fake or not true to yourself, it means you are being selective in what you show, molding yourself to meet the needs of those around you. 

Faces represents the various parts of me that I show to people I'm around. My partner noticed that these faces looks more like masks, and I think that is a fair way to look at these. We all put on a mask when we are around someone else, we are never truly 100% ourselves 100% of the time. We show people what we want them to see, we put on a mask to represent that person. 

Who do you want people to see? 

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