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As I embark on my journey to become a world-renowned visual artist in a new city, I want to get to know the people who live around me. So I introduce to you the People Project. I love people, and I love learning their stories. Everyone has a story, and everyone is more interesting than they think they are, especially when you meet them out there just being themselves. While I may have to get out of my comfort zone and ask a stranger to do a 5 min Portrait session with me right on the spot, so do those who allow me to capture their portrait. So, not only do I get to capture the exciting life of regular folks, but I also get to make new friends along the way.



Finding beauty in the ordinary everyday moments of our lives leads to extraordinary images of humans being human.  Observing from afar and trying not to be obvious, I take my walks, looking to catch people in everyday moments. Most of us think of ourselves as nothing special. We are doing our best to live our lives under the radar, just doing our best to survive during these crazy times. Thus we are the "un" seen. Life outside of the life we portray on social media is way more beautiful and exciting than the life we try to convince others we are living.



I am always on the lookout for collaborations, and new models! If you are interested in collaborating on a project, modeling for me, or just want to talk to see how we can help one another, please let me know!

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