Protecting Our Freedom to Vote

The right to vote is an essential component of our democracy, and ensuring that freedom is protected for all eligible voters is key to holding our government accountable.

As Tax Assessor-Collector, Brandon will protect our freedom to vote and make voter registration systems more cost-effective, modern, and secure…

Fighting for Fairer Taxes

Harris County needs a Tax Assessor -Collector that will fight for the people, not work against them. As Tax Assessor-Collector Brandon will fight for fairer taxes for every citizen.

Increasing Community and Civic Engagement

Brandon wants to serve that so others can lead. Too many eligible voters in Harris County are not registered and are not voting which can lead to crippling polarization and apathy. Active civic engagement is integral to a healthy democracy and ensuring our government and elected officials reflect the values of its people.

But we have to stand up for it. We have to fight for it.  And we have to vote for it.

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